Live animals regulations

Please, inform the airline company in advance that you are going to travel with animals or birds.

The matters of Live animals and birds regulations on international flights are subject to the Law of the State of entry, departure or transit. For more detailed information, please, contact the consulate of the country, that is an exit, entry or transit point.

On authorization of the airline company it might be allowed to carry animals in the aircraft cabin. Animals under 10 kg (including the weight of the stock box) are accepted for transportation in the cabin. The airline company has the right to refuse the animal transportation in the aircraft cabin if such transportation has not been arranged in advance.

Animals with weight exceeding 10 kg must be carried only in the baggage area in travel containers. A pet or a bird suggested for transportation in the aircraft cabin or the aircraft baggage area shall be placed in a packing container (a cage or a basket) big enough and providing for access for air. The container bottom (cage or basket bottom) shall be waterproof and covered with absorbing material. Birds cages shall be covered with strong, light resistant fabric. A pet or a bird weight, including its container and pet food weight, as a rule, is not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be paid by the passenger according to the tariff, given by the carrier. You should take care of your pet during the flight, feed and water it. Вы должны сами заботиться о вашем питомце во время путешествия, своевременно кормить, поить и ухаживать за ним. You should bear in mind that neither airline company, nor the airport are responsible for your pet’s health.

Guide dogs regulations, accompanying mobility impaired passengers can be found in the section for "Mobility impaired passengers"

If you are going to travel with your pets, you should mind about veterinary accompanying documents in advance.

The veterinary accompanying document is the veterinary certificate (form №1), issued by the state veterinary clinics, Pet passport with vaccination and anti-parasite treatment records. It’s compulsory to vaccinate your pets against rabies and other diseases not later than 20 days prior the carriage. The veterinary certificate is valid within 5 days before traveling. This document gives the right to transport animals through the RF territory and its entry to the CIS countries. For the Customs Union countries a Veterinary certificate of Customs Union countries shall be drawn up.

While traveling with the pet to the third countries, its owner should define more precisely the regulations of the destination country. Please, be aware, that they might be distinctly different from each other. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to get advice at a border veterinary checkpoint beforehand.

Domestic pets transportation regulations when exporting are also specified by Russian legal system. If you carry 1-2 dogs, cats or ferrets for personal (non-commercial) purposes, so you do not need any special authorization for their export from RF. Having met the conditions of the county of entry, you can go to the state veterinary establishment to get a veterinary certificate (form №1), that must be exchanged for the veterinary certificate Form №5 at the territorial administration of Rosselkhoznadzor, or if desired, at the RF Border inspection post. At the same place, the Rosselkhoznadzor inspector will draw up supporting documents according to the third countries’ forms.

If you want to carry abroad more than 3 animals, an animal for sale, such pets as: decorative rabbit, chinchilla, cagebirds, spineless etc. you will be able to realize it only upon obtaining a permit from the Rosselkhoznadzor. Such care should be taken in advance by requesting assistance at the Veterinary committee of the subject territory. Only upon obtaining a permit it will be possible to proceed to further veterinary supporting documents execution.

It is easier to return to RF with the above mentioned animals as there are some general authorizations for a number of the third countries, drawn up for 1 calendar year and which already contain a number of animal species. You should find out about such a permission existence before your departure from RF.

If you often travel with domestic pets for personal purposes (in the number of 2 animals), especially if you go abroad, you have to get a Pet passport for your animal. Its form is strictly defined by decision of the Customs Union commission. While travelling across the Customs Union territory it is enough to have such a passport with records about vaccinations and clinical examination 5 days prior departure that gives right for the animal transportation during 120 days providing that the vaccination against rabies is valid during this period.

In addition, it is allowed to carry such animals to RF if they have an international passport, that is considered equivalent to the veterinary certificate, if it contains records of the exporting country’s competent authorities about clinical examination 5 days prior departure. Accordingly to the EU Commission Regulation, the Pet passport availability is one of the essential conditions for pets entry to the European Union territory.

It is strongly recommended to passengers, who travel with pets, to arrive to the airport of departure beforehand, no later than 2 hours before their flight in order to accomplish all the formalities.

Before checking in you should pass the veterinary check, applying to the Volgograd international airport Border veterinary checkpoint and control service.

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