Rules of conduct at the airport area

The security is provided by the airport staff and the linear police department. We ask you to strictly follow all their instructions. In accordance with the Federal law, we are forced to refuse service to passengers upon:

  • failure to meet the requirements of the air personnel or aircraft crew members to comply with the rules and regulations of aviation security;
  • use of drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol that cause intoxication;
  • insult or abuse of adults or minors;
  • being in a condition of strong alcoholic or drugs intoxication, lack of opportunity to move independently without assistance and to control the behavior;
  • hooliganism, verbal abuse, harassment of citizens, destruction or damage of someone else’s property;
  • persistent fetid odor from the clothes and the body of the passenger;
  • smoking in places where it is prohibited for safety reasons;
  • assault, intimidation or threat towards the airport personnel upon their duties performance.