Rules of conduct on board

The passenger on board aircraft is obliged to:

  • unconditionally fulfill the requirements and recommendations of the aircraft commander and crew;
  • to place hand baggage and personal belongings in the designated areas specified by the flight attendant;
  • to obey the generally accepted rules of conduct in public places;
  • to fasten the seat belts when the board «Fasten your seatbelts» is on and (at the direction of the flight attendant) leave them buttoned. 

Passengers on board aircraft are not allowed:

  • to create situations that threaten the safety of the flight, as well as the life (health) of passengers and crew members, contributing to the hooligan actions, actions that humiliate the honor and dignity of others, as well as aggressive actions by other persons;
  • to raise voice, to talk disrespectfully and aggressively towards other passengers and crew members;
  • to disturb sleeping passengers without any need;
  • to use electronic devices during taxiing, takeoff and landing;
  • to smoke during the flight;
  • to use emergency equipment without instructions of the crew.

According to the order of the authorized state bodies, air transportation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices by passengers in their hand baggage and checked baggage on flights to/from Hong Kong, the USA, China, Israel and Japan is prohibited.