The domestic flights passengers check-in starts at the domestic lines terminal 1.5-2 hours (depending on the type of aircraft) and ends 40 minutes before scheduled departure.

Business class passengers check in at dedicated counters located in the check-in hall. Preflight and other types of state and airport control are carried out on a common basis.

The international flights passengers check-in begins at the international lines terminal 2.5-3 hours (depending on the type of aircraft)before departure in order to have enough time for passport check and customs procedures. Check-in ends 40 minutes before departure.

Online registration

The service allows registering for flight and choosing the preferred seat in the cabin before arrival to airport at the website of the airline you selected. In order to use this service, the Internet access and the ability to print your boarding pass are needed. The passenger must arrive at the airport in advance with a printed boarding pass to complete all pre-flight procedures (including security control, ticket and baggage check-in) and boarding the plane. The «online check-in» service is available at the official website of the airline. Currently, upon departure from Volgograd airport, the service may be used by passengers of S7 Airlines, Aeroflot-Russian airlines and RusLine airlines.

Please note that the tickets and baggage check-in ends 40 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers boarding ends 20 minutes before the departure time.

If you have passed online check-in, remember that passengers’ admission to the preflight inspection area stops 25 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers having hand luggage and planning to register online are required to get their baggage checked at the airport desks 40 minutes before the end of the check-in procedure and receive a baggage identification tag.

Passengers who are late for the time of check-in completion or the aircraft boarding may be denied transportation by this flight. The baggage of a registered passenger who has not appeared on board the aircraft is subject to removal from the aircraft and mandatory inspection. (Chapter 6, articles 80, 81, 91 of the Order of Ministry of transport of Russia dd 28.06.2007 No. 82).