Pre-Flight Inspection

Ensuring transport / aviation security is one of the priorities in the daily activities of the Volgograd international airport, open joint stock company. Special attention is paid to the measures aimed at protecting the lives and health of passengers, members of crews and visitors of the airport, objects of the airport complex, as well as the prevention and suppression of illicit trafficking of arms, explosives and other dangerous items.

In order to ensure safety on board aircraft, you have to go through the procedure of preflight inspection, which is conducted by the aviation security personnel of the Volgograd international airport. Examination of passengers and their baggage is carried out after the registration of tickets, as to passengers of international flights — after passing customs and border control.

ATTENTION! Aviation security service of Volgograd international airport draws the attention of passengers who have implanted devices that stimulate cardiac activity. It is prohibited to pass through the frame of the stationary metal detector!

This category of passengers is subjected to manual (contact) method of inspection and (or) personal (individual) inspection without the use of technical and special means. For the purpose of observance of the established rules of carrying out inspection and your personal safety we ask to report about existence of such restrictions to the aviation safety inspector at the stage of documents check or at preparation for inspection by technical means.

When passing preflight inspection it is necessary to show the boarding pass and the identity document of the passenger*. The documents proving the identity of the passenger are:

  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation; 
  • foreign general or travel passport of the Russian Federation, diplomatic passport, service passport; 
  • temporary identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation; 
  • military service card of the Russian Federation of military personnel serving in conscription or under contract, with the mark of performance of active duty. 

*Detailed list of identity documents

For passing preflight inspection (after checking the documents in the inspection area) please do the following in advance:

  1. Remove and put in plastic baskets outerwear, hats, belts and shoes. For personal hygiene purposes, we recommend using disposable shoe covers.
  2. Put in your hand baggage or place in a plastic basket mobile phones, pocket computers, lighters, cigarettes, coins, keys and other metal objects.
  3. Place the hand baggage on the introscope tape in a horizontal position (lying down). 

ATTENTION! To avoid damage to personal things, do not put hand baggage on the edge of the conveyor. The tape may move in the REVERSE DIRECTION upon switching on.

Liquids permitted to be carried in hand baggage

  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups, jams, honey;
  • creams, lotions, oils;
  • perfume, cologne, eau de toilette;
  • aerosols;
  • gels, including hair and shower gels;
  • the contents of containers under pressure, including shaving foam. 

Liquid volume of each package should not exceed 100 ml. Total volume of liquids in the container (in total) must not exceed 1 liter. Liquids in containers larger than 100 ml, even if the container is only partially filled, ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR CARRIAGE!

Medical products are transported in a dose intended for the duration of the flight, according to a medical certificate or prescription of a medical institution where the patient is observed.

Liquids purchased at duty-free shops at the airport or on board aircraft must be packed in a sealed plastic bag to ensure the contents identity of the package during the flight. The passenger is obliged to hold a check with a reliable confirmation that the purchase was made at the duty free shop or on board aircraft on the day of the trip. 

Opened packages, packages with contents not relevant to the receipt, packages without a receipt are not allowed on board aircraft!

It is prohibited to put in carry-on baggage

  • weapons of any type and objects imitating them;
  • sharp objects (corkscrews, scissors, needles, axes, ice axes, blades, knives, swords, daggers, etc.);
  • tools of impact (bats, batons of different types, means of hand-to-hand combat, etc.));
  • working tools (saws, crow bars, drills, borers, etc.). 

During the preflight inspection of hand baggage, the security inspector has the right to ask the passenger to open the bag and make a manual inspection of its contents. In this regard, it is not recommended to wrap hand baggage in the packing tape.

A detailed list of permitted and prohibited items and substances permitted for carriage on civil aircraft is specified in the Order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation d/d 25.07. 2007 No. 104 On approval of rules of preflight and postflight inspection. 

According to the order of the authorized state bodies, air transportation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones by passengers in their hand baggage and checked baggage on flights to/from Hong Kong, the USA, China, Israel and Japan is prohibited.

If you are witnessing illegal activities or have information that threatens the lives of passengers or the safety of the airport, please contact us by phone at any time of the day:

Police dpt at the airport

  •  +7 (8442) 35-75-02

The aviation security service of the Volgograd international airport, JSC

  •  +7 (8442) 26-11-49
  •  +7 (8442) 26-13-23

The administrator of VIA, JSC

  •  +7 (8442) 26-10-86
  •  +7 (8442) 26-10-87