Customs Control

The main tasks of the customs post Airport of Volgograd

  • ensuring, within its competence, observance of the rights and legitimate interests of individuals moving goods and vehicles across the Customs Union border, as well as the placement of goods under customs procedures; 
  • carrying out customs control in the forms provided by the Customs Union Code; 
  • detection, prevention and suppression of violations of the Customs Union legislation, and other legal acts of the Russian Federation.

 Regulatory and legal acts applied in the work of the customs post officers

  • Chapter 49 (CUC) Particularities of moving goods for personal use across the border; 
  • Agreement on the procedure for moving goods for personal use by individuals across the Customs Union border and the customs clearance operations on their release dd 18.06.2010; 
  • Decision of the Customs Union Commission dated 18.06.2010 No 311 On the procedure of customs operations in respect of goods for personal use moved by individuals across the customs border, and reflection of the recognition of such goods being not under customs control; 
  • Agreement No. 51 dated 05.07.2010 on the procedure for the movement of cash and (or) monetary instruments by individuals across the Customs Union border. 

The list of goods for personal use prohibited or restricted for import into the Customs Union territory and (or) export from this territory is specified in Annex 2 of the Agreement on the procedure for movement of goods for personal use by individuals across the Customs Union border and customs operations related to their release d/d 18.06.2010. 

Consulting on customs and other matters within the competence of customs authorities is provided at the address: 42 Nakhimov street, Astrakhan, 414018, consulting office.

On the information and advice matters please contact the legal department of the customs office by phone: 

  • 8 (8512) 32-15-34
  • 8 (8512) 32-15-40
  • 8 (8512) 32-16-36
  • 8 (8512) 32-16-72

Additional information is available on the official website of the FCS of Russia

Contact details of the customs post at the Volgograd Airport

  • +7 (8442) 35-75-61
  • +7 (8442) 35-70-56
  • +7 (8442) 35-70-56