Passengers with kids

The airport and the airline companies take care of passengers with kids, offering all the necessary conditions for a comfortable trip. Upon recommendation of the airlines representatives, you can take some necessary things and other items needed for care. You have the right to carry one baby buggy in addition to free luggage allowance.

One adult passenger has the right to carry free of charge one child under 2 years, without providing an individual place, on domestic flights; on international flights - with a 90% discount off the normal or a special fare. For other children under 2 years, who fly with an adult, the plane tickets are sold with a 50% discount. While transporting a child under 2 years without providing an individual place, this child does not have free luggage allowance. If desired, the passenger may book an individual place for the baby, in this case 50% of an adult passenger fare must be paid (unless otherwise specified by the special fare application rules).

Passengers, travelling with children, have a possibility to use the baby care room, located in the hotel in front of the domestic lines terminal. Remember, that during the first days of child’s life flights are not recommended.

Please note that the majority of airline companies do not allow children under 12 years travel unaccompanied by an adult passenger. Children under 12 years travel with a 50% discount off an adult passenger fare (unless otherwise specified by the special fare application rules) providing an individual place in the cabin, in this case they have free luggage allowance as established.

Please, try to check-in in advance for us to have the possibility to keep seats, and to place you next to each other. For flights safety reasons it is prohibited to place passengers travelling with children on seats next to the emergency exits.
Subject to the Federal law, a minor citizen of Russia, as a rule, must be accompanied by at least one parent, adoptive parents, caregivers or trustees. If a minor citizen leaves the Russian Federation citizen unaccompanied, he/she must have, except passport, a notarized statement of the indicated persons’ consent which contains the date of departure and the state that he/she is going to visit.

In case where one of the parents, adoptive parents, caregivers or trustees would express his/her disagreement with the minor Russian Federation citizen departure from Russian Federation, the question about his/her departure from Russian Federation should be solved by legal means.

The procedure of submitting an application about disagreement with a minor Russian Federation citizen departure from Russian Federation is established by the competent federal executive authority.

If a child travels with both parents, only an international passport and a birth certificate are required, in case if the surnames are different in the family.

For more detailed information, please contact the Russian Federation Border Inspection post «Volgograd» (Gumrak)