Health Center

The passengers of the Volgograd international airport are provided with free emergency medical care in the airport Health Center at any time of the day.

The Health Center is located on the ground floor of the international airlines terminal (on the left side of the building, next to the arrival hall of the domestic lines).

Healthcare services

  • Emergency care for different health conditions of passengers;
  • Onboard consultations of passengers on medical contraindications;
  • Examination of children before sending them to the room of mother and child.

Comfortable conditions for transportation and stay in the airport complex have been created for passengers with disabilities and people with limited mobility. In the Health Center there is a room of temporary stay, which is equipped with a toilet, specially equipped for people with disabilities.

Low-mobility passengers are provided with a wheelchair when driving to or from the aircraft, a special vehicle for movement onboard, they are accompanied by two assistants when ascending/descending the ramp. 

People with diseases, passengers with disabilities and pregnant women are accepted for transportation subject to the following conditions (special sanitary conditions):

  • The health status of the passengers does not threaten the safety of the passengers themselves or other persons (as confirmed by medical documents). They should have medical documents of the established form signed by the therapist confirming possibility of the air transportation;
  • Transportation requiring special conditions must be previously agreed with the carrier (carriage on a stretcher, the need for special medical equipment, etc.), no later than 48 hours before flight;
  • For pregnant women, the term of filling in medical documents should not be earlier than 7 days before transportation, the term of pregnancy should not exceed 35 weeks on the day of transportation. In case of exceeding this period of pregnancy, carriage is permitted only under special permission of medical services and accompanied by a therapist or a health care professional.

On the issue of payment for the carriage of passengers on a stretcher please contact the airline office.

If necessary, the airport staff shall:

  • provide a special seat for a low-mobility passenger;
  • accompany the passenger;
  • assist in passing border and customs control;
  • assist in boarding the aircraft;
  • control the correct registration of the passenger’s baggage.

If you need medical aid, contact any airport emloyee or call by phone:

  • +7 (909) 393-54-22
  • +7 (8442) 26-12-03