For passengers with special needs

Please see the information below. This will help to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Services for passengers with disabilities provided at Volgograd airport free of charge

  • meeting passengers and providing assistance when moving within the airport territory;
  • support and assistance in registring passengers and their baggage, moving passengers across the airport building;
  • support and assistance in passing border, customs, sanitary-quarantine, veterinary and phytosanitary controls;
  • provision of wheelchairs to move passengers across the airport;
  • support and assistance in boarding the aircraft;
  • seating passenger at his seat on board an aircraft;
  • deboarding passengers from the aircraft using wheelchairs;
  • provision of wheelchairs for temporary use to passengers in case of delay in delivery of the passenger’s wheelchair to the destination airport, or loss or damage of it during transportation;
  • assistance in walking the guide dogs.


The tickets booking

When booking a ticket, please inform that you are a passenger of a special category. The final decision on acceptance for transportation of a passenger of a special category is made by the airline. Try to book a ticket in advance. There may be a situation when the airline is not able to take you on board due to restrictions on the number of passengers requiring additional attention during the flight.

In a case when you have to cancel your reservation, please notify the airline as soon as possible so that your seat is available again to other passengers of special categories.

Do not forget to specify

  • list of required documents (certificates, medical reports);
  • if needed, a possibility of transportation of the medication and permission for its transportation (recipes, references);
  • if you require special medical equipment — make a request to the airline about it;
  • if you have difficulty in breathing and need inadditional oxygen — check the airline’s ability to obtain / provide it during the flight. 

Traveling with a guide dog 

Please inform the airline in advance that you need to take a guide dog on board. Please check your airline rules of guide dog transportation. Usually, the dog is transported next to the passenger seat (must have a collar and a muzzle, tied to the chair at the feet).

Documents required to transport a guide dog:

  • veterinary passport of the dog;
  • certificate of the animal health (information about vaccinations included);
  • certificate of the kennel club that the dog does not present breeding value.

Places for guide dog walking

If you have a need to walk a guide dog, the passenger and cargo traffic department staff will provide free assistance for you. For more information, please contact us by phone: +7(8442) 26-10-87.

Using a wheelchair

The airline will clarify the features of your wheelchair (type, dimensions, weight) and, if it is electric, the type of battery. Not all aircraft are suitable for the carriage of electric wheelchairs for security reasons.

If you require a wheelchair to navigate at the terminal and board the aircraft, inform the airport passenger and cargo traffic department officer providing service for passengers with disabilities.

If you are traveling unaccompanied, please specify if you need someone to move the wheelchair during the flight. Wether you are able to get in and out of your wheelchair by your own. Check the possibility of the wheelchair carriage in the cabin or, if no possibility, the order of its storing in the baggage and collecting upon arrival at the airport of destination.

The following IATA dangerous goods regulations must be observed when traveling on an electrically operated wheelchair:

  • an electrically operated wheelchair can be stored in the baggage and the battery must be switched off upon check-in;
  • liquid batteries must be disconnected, packed and stored in the baggage.

At the airport

Free parking

We have allocated for you a parking space, closest to the terminal. To use the parking lot you have to call a parking representative. Please refer to the operator through the nearest automatic parking terminal or call by phone +7(8442) 26-12-05.

Please contact the parking manager for free check-out.

Places of arrival

  1. Entrance to the domestic airlines terminal (terminal 700), equipped with a call button.
  2. Entrance to the terminal of international and domestic airlines (terminal C), equipped with an alert button.

If you need assistance, at any time you can contact the staff of the passenger and cargo traffic department providing services for passengers with disabilities. Call buttons are located:

  • at the entrance to the domestic flights terminal (terminal 700);
  • at the entrance to the terminal of international and domestic airlines (terminal C).

The terminal complex scheme of the points for passengers to be met by the officers of the passenger and cargo traffic department

  1. Car parking for passengers with disabilities;
  2. Entrance to the terminal of domestic airlines;
  3. Entrance to the terminal of international and domestic airlines.

The location of wheelchairs

The Volgograd international airport has wheelchairs for passengers to move within the territory of the airport. If you need a wheelchair to move around the terminal and board the aircraft, please notify the passenger and cargo traffic department officer providing services forpassengers with disabilities.

From a vehicle to the terminal

The airport staff will escort you from the car you arrived at the airport in to the aircraft board.

Upon arrival at Volgograd airport, please contact the airport employees by phone +7 (8442) 26-10-87, 26-13-15 (operating 24/7) or use the call button located at the entrance to the terminals. Report your location, and the staff will be sent to assist you.

In the terminal

  • it is the airport where check-in is required;
  • registration of passengers with disabilities for flights on all airlines is carried out in priority to other passengers;
  • if you need a wheelchair to move around the terminal and board the aircraft, please inform the airport staff;
  • for passengers with disabilities a special seat next to the boarding gate is reserved;
  • if necessary, you can use the Health Center of the airport, which operates around the clock;
  • if you are traveling with children, you can use the Mother and Child Room.


  • passengers’ baggage and carry-on are subject to the common safety rules;
  • the airline is responsible for the safety of your wheelchair;
  • the airport does not hire and does not provide storage of the wheelchairs.

Preflight inspection

Passengers with disabilities are examined manually. Their escorts are inspected on a common basis.

If you are using a wheelchair, you will have to leave it temporarily during the inspection for the wheelchair to be passed through the scanning equipment. You will be helped by an airport employee.


Before the flight a passenger with disabilities is transferred to a narrower transporting chair (airport equipment) and brought to his seat on the aircraft board. His wheelchair is passed over to the representatives of the airline. Further, other employees handle the wheelchair.

Upon arrival to Volgograd

Upon arrival to Volgograd you will be met by the staff of the passenger and cargo traffic department providing services for passengers with disabilities. They will assist you in deboarding, help to get the baggage and, if necessary, accompany you to the transport. 

Deboarding of passengers with disabilities is made in the last turn.


Help service of the Volgograd International airport

  • +7 (8442) 26-50-69
  • +7 (8442) 26-10-69
  • +7 (8442) 26-19-87
  • +7 (8422) 26-13-15

Passenger and cargo traffic department (service for disabled passengers)

  • +7 (8442) 26-10-87
  • +7 (8442) 26-50-69
  • +7 (8442) 26-13-15

Health Center

  • +7 (8442) 26-12-03


  • +7 (8442) 26-12-05