Baggage transportation

Baggage transportation rules

Free baggage allowance, including things that are with the passenger, is set by the carrier depending on the type of aircraft.

Excess baggage, oversized baggage and heavy baggage shall be accepted for carriage only if the aircraft has a free carrying capacity and the passenger pays for such baggage, except when the carriage of such baggage is agreed with the carrier and paid upon booking.

The passenger has the right to declare the value of their checked baggage.

The carriage of the baggage with declared value will be charged, the fee rate shall be set by the carrier.

Each piece of checked baggage must be properly packed, ensuring its safety during transportation and handling and excluding the possibility of causing harm to passengers, crew members, third parties, damage to the aircraft, baggage of other passengers or other property.

Baggage that does not meet these requirements shall not be accepted for carriage.

Passengers are not recommended to put in their checked baggage fragile and perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, securities and other valuables, business documents, keys and other similar items.

The items are accepted as a hand baggage if their weight and dimensions meet the criteria set by the carrier and allow them to be safely placed in the cabin of the aircraft.

In excess of the established free baggage allowance and free of charge, the passenger has the right to carry the following items if they are with the passenger and are not enclosed in the baggage:

  • ladies handbag or briefcase;
  • paper folder;
  • umbrella;
  • cane;
  • bouquet of flowers;
  • outerwear;
  • printed editions for reading in flight;
  • baby food for the child during the flight;
  • cell phone;
  • camera;
  • camcorder;
  • laptop;
  • the suit in the suit bag;
  • child cradle for the baby carriage;
  • crutches, stretcher or wheelchairs for passengers with disabilities. 

These items are not presented for weighing, are not subject to registration and are not marked with tags.

Objects that may cause harm to the aircraft, persons or property on board the aircraft, animals and birds (except for pets (birds) and service dogs), insects, fish-planting material, reptiles, rodents, experimental and sick animals, as well as objects and substances whose air transportation as baggage is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties of the Russian Federation, as well as by the legislation of the country, from the territory or through the territory of which the transportation is carried out. 

Pets (birds) and service dogs may be transported as baggage.