Problems with baggage

If you do not find your baggage on the conveyor belt, please contact the passenger and cargo traffic department officer.

Remember that the air carrier whose flight you arrived tin Volgograd on, is responsible for your baggage.

In case of loss of baggage you need to contact the employee of the passengers and cargo traffic department.

To search for baggage, you need a detachable baggage tag coupon (it is glued to your boarding pass) and a passport. In the report of the baggage loss describe your suitcase or bag in details: color, size, shape, material, the presence of wheels and handles. If your suitcase has a name tag that you made yourself, be sure to specify it. We advise to make a data insert or hang a name tag on your suitcase. These bags are much faster to find. In addition, try to remember the manufacturer of the suitcase.

In the report of the baggage loss, enter your address and phone number. Your baggage should be delivered to your home. It’s totally free. However, airlines cargo forwarders deliver baggage only within the city of arrival or in the nearest suburbs. Otherwise, your suitcase will be waiting for you at the airline office or at the airport. Unclaimed baggage is stored for a year. If the suitcase is brought to home, the airline representative should call you in advance from the airline office or the airport and inform about the time of courier’s arrival. If within 5 days your suitcase is not returned, you will need to contact the airline and make a list of things in your suitcase. This list will be included in the search parameters. 

Before the flight, you must remove all the tags remaining from previous flights.

Most of the baggage loss happens due to the tags being mixed up in the airport so the baggage is sent to the wrong place. If you are flying in transit, you should be especially careful. In most cases, the baggage gets lost during connecting flights. Therefore, make sure that the tag indicates the final destination. The baggage will be given to you there. Buy tickets in such a way that between the two connecting flights there were at least an hour and a half. Otherwise, there will be no time to reload your baggage from one airplane to another.

For those who do not want to worry in vain, there is a baggage insurance service. However, it does not apply to flights to Russia. The largest Russian insurers, such as Ingosstrakh, Renaissance and URALSIB, do not insure against loss of baggage on domestic airlines. 

If the suitcase is damaged, you need to contact a representative of the passenger and cargo traffic service and make a claim.

Describe the damage in detail. The amount of compensation is set by the airline.

If you mistakenly took someone else’s baggage, you need to return to the airport and pass it to the representative of the airline.