Request for shooting permission

Rules of photo-, video- and cine- shootings on the «Volgograd international airport» territory

Respected media representatives!

Kindly note that Volgograd International airport is a restricted access facility. In this regard, phot-, video- and cine-shootings organization should be performed only upon official authorization of the administration. Private and legal persons requests are accepted for consideration.

Shootings taken for the purposes of informing the public about the important events from Volgograd city life and highlighting «Volgograd International airport» activity should be held with the involvement of the airport Press center.

The procedure of filing a request for shootings

The request should be filed in written on the company’s letterhead and signed by its head (for legal entities) non less than 3 days before the beginning of shootings.

The request shall state:

  • The purpose of the shooting, the topic of the clip (scenario);
  • The estimated date, time and lengths of the shooting;
  • The exact statement of sites and objects, required for shooting;
  • The shooting team staff including their personal ID data (full name, ID document series and number, date and place of birth, issuing authority, registered address);
  • The equipment list;
  • If it is necessary for the shooting team to get to the airsides by motor vehicles, there should be mentioned the car model and state registration numbers and ID documents data of owners. In this circumstances the vehicle transport entry and exit should be effected pursuant to the local normative acts of JSC «Volgograd International airport»;
  • Contact data of the work responsible person.

Reason for shootings rejection

The airport administration will have to cancel the shootings or modify their conditions in the following instances:

  • When its impossible to have shootings without breakdown in the airport technological process;
  • When the request for shootings was made in breach of the determined procedure and period;
  • Upon organization of special events at the airport during the period scheduled for shootings;
  • When the scenario contains inaccurate information about the airport operations and its personnel work;
  • Other reasons.